Thursday, March 20, 2008

PURSuE Your Art...........

Ever Herd Of them???? If not yah NEED to follow this link: They make these amazing Art Purses that you can ALTER! SUPER COOL I must tell yah! And they come in 2 Different Styles! So Do yourself a Favor and Check em out!! A lil while back they teamed up with Kitchen Sink Stamps and Did this lil Contest and asked you to Vote on which Altered Art Purse you like BEST in chance of winning some SUPER AMAZING BLOG CANDY! So I voted. Easy Peasy(whatever if I win I win right?) But them purses were just too cool! Time goes by and well I totally forgot about the contest! So I checked my e-mail last night before bed to find this little message:

Hi Monica,
Hint...Hint....You might want to check out our homepage :)
Erin & Mary

So I got to the site thinking Umm ok what in the world am I suppose to be looking at?!? So I take a BETTER look and OMFreakinGosh! MY NAME and BLOG is POSTED! For What you ask???? I won that dag gone Blog Candy and it was posted on their HOMEPAGE!! Iwas so excited I Honetly couldnt believe it! Now I am anxiously awaiting My Art Purse from PURSuE your Art and The Pretty Petals Stamp Set from Kitchen Sink Stamps! I ca'nt wait to Share my CREATION/s with you!!!

Thanks again Erin, Mary & Maria! You ladies have Truly made my Day!!!
And thank you All for letting me share my excitement and reading my Blog!