Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Christmas Spirt in the Making.......

Hello Blogging World,

Well, It's been since Halloween since I last Blogged but thing usually get CRAZY insane for us from Halloween through the New Year!
We had My Mom and Her BF up for Turkey Day Week/end and Had an absolute BLAST! We always hate to see them leave.

It has ALWAYS been a Tradition that we put our Christmas Tree up the day after Thanksgiving, and so that is what we did again this year! I Thought I would share it with everyone since I HAND MADE my Bulbs this year (Compliments of Bev aka Precious Scraps ) LoL!
I had desided to make BOTH glitter Bulbs and Paper Bulbs! So w/out further or do here it is " The Bender Family Christmas Tree"........
Above: Our Tree as a whole (no...that isnt us in the pic BG YET)

Above: 1 of the Glitter Bulbs (I made them Blue, Green and Red to match the papers)

Above: Paper Bulbs (I made these in 2 Basic Grey Christmas Pattern Paper Designs)
So there it is....OUR Tree! The kids has a blast Decorating it! So far only 1 bulb broke........Which with 3 kids and a Dog I am THANKFUL it's not BARE YET! LMBO

One Last thing....Before Thanksgiving Brake for DD her teacher had sent the kids home with a Decent sized Cardstock Christams Tree. They were told that over Break They the kids and their family would need to decorate the tree and Bring it back to hang in the hallway after Break. We'll Yesterday we went ahead and "designed" DD's Tree. She picked what she wanted (she is only 5!) and I helped! So here is what we came up with........

It came out sooo beautiful! I am NOT kidding but so far she has the "Prettiest" Tree in class! She is such a GIRLY GIRL! She got her pink bow Tree Topper, She has Pink Bulbs and Snowflake Coordinating Martha Stewart Pattern Paper Bulbs! I sticked lil Clasps and hooks above each and every Snowflake /Bulb too! DD was in OWE to that one! LoL I used soem American Crafts White Grosgrain Ribbon with Red Zig Zag (or rik rac) as her Garland.

Hope it tickles as much as it does us! We are sooo proud of her Tree!

Thanks so much for read and Happy Holidays,