Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today is......World Alzheimer's Day !!

Good Sunday Morning Readers,

I wanted to Do a Special Post today! As most of you know today is World Alztimer's Day! This is a Touchy Day for me personally!

Before My Daughter was born (5 FAST yrs ago) I dedicated my time to some Very Special People! I was working FT at a Nursing home in Ohio! I was there for 3 years as a CNA (Certified Nurse Aid) and my Job there was Working Dayturn in the Alztimer's Unit! I absolutly LOVED my Job and Would'nt of asked for any other position Honestly! I was able to experience this well know Disease 1st hand! Let me just tell you this...... I was quite an experience! Both Enjoyful and Heartbreaking at the same time! If you dont know anything about this disease you really should read up on it because you never know if you or someone you love may become effected by it sometime in life!

Anyways, Cammie is doing an AMAZING Giveaway today in Celebration of the Day!

She was able to get MANY FABULOUS Companys from around the Scrapbook/Stamping Industry to donate over $1,000 worth of Stamps/Supplies! And what's better than that you ask?! Well she is giving it away to ONE Special Person! Just click on her Blog to find out more!!

She is Doing a Challange asking that you make a card and send them to someone you know Caring for an Alztimer's Effected Person! So I made up this card and am going to send it to the Nurse's and Aid's in the Alztimer's unit at the Nursing Home I use to work for!

It's Something Simple But Turned out super Cute and I just LOVE the Sentiment Stamp!!!

It reads: "God Understands our Prayers even when we cant find the words to say them"

Well That is My Post for today! I'll close this in asking you to continue the Gift of Thought and if you know anyone who is affected my this Disease or has ever cared for someone with it...... Please fwd a card or give a call and Let them know your thinkin of them!

God Bless,